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Core Values

Our Core Values

The values we embrace as Virginia Tech that are integral to our pathway forward.

Virginia Tech embraces four core values. These values were informed by our community and are intrinsic to who we are. Our core values and our motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve), are foundational to our university vision, mission, and strategic priorities.

Diverse and Inclusive Communities

We value the educational benefits of diverse ideas, peoples, and cultures in order to contribute to the equitable inclusion and just engagement of the world’s communities through collaboration and partnerships, guided by open expression, self-awareness, and mutual respect.

Knowledge and Innovation

We value lifelong learning and freedom of inquiry through research, innovation, and the creative process within and outside of the university to promote the continuous seeking of knowledge to enhance society and address difficult and complex issues affecting the human condition.

Opportunity and Affordability

We value providing affordable educational opportunities for the Commonwealth of Virginia consistent with our land-grant mission.

Excellence and Integrity

We value continuous evaluation, improvement, and excellence to advance individual and institutional objectives with the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.