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Selection Committee

Selection Committee

About the Selection Committee

Nominated by the Council on Virginia Tech History's Public Art Committee, the Selection Committee is comprised of cross-disciplinary subject-matter experts. When evaluating proposal submissions, the Selection Committee examines the following in the development and design of the artwork:

  • Consideration of the elements of the site as a source of design ideas
  • Consideration of the area surrounding the artwork and its intended uses as described in this call
  • Reflection of the university's/community's history, diversity, and cultural profile
  • Demonstration of the intersecting relationship and influences from the white, Black, and Native American presence
  • Contribution to the aesthetic beauty of the area, including elements of the Duck Pond, buildings, and landscape
  • Its durability, stability, and suitability for the climate conditions, resistant to UV damage, and safe for public interaction
  • Is accomplishable within the proposer’s preliminary cost projection

The Selection Committee